What are the types of potatoes?

Potatoes are cheap, but they taste good, eat a lot, and are liked by many people. What are the types of potatoes? This article will tell us the answer, let’s take a look!

What are the types of potatoes?

Yellow potato

Yellow potatoes are also divided into two kinds, one is tan potatoes, and the other is yellow potatoes. Brown potato is one of the most common varieties of potatoes in the wet market, brown potato skin is brown, but the potato meat is white, starch content is high, is an ideal choice for French fries. The yellow potato is not only yellow in skin, but also yellow in flesh. It is one of the most popular potatoes on the market and is usually used in soups or chowders.

Red-skinned potato

The red-skinned potato is a new variety of potatoes, but it is also very common in the market. Many people think that the red-skinned potato is the “new potato” of the yellow-skinned potato or the white-skinned potato, but it is not. The skin of the red-skinned potato is red or purplish red, but its flesh is more colored, may be white, may be yellow, may be red, or is alternating between these three colors. Like the white-skinned long potato, it is a potato variety with a lower starch content.

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Coloured potato

The colored potato is a little more delicate than the rest of the potato, and its nutritional value is much higher than the ordinary potato. One of the special features of colored potatoes is to grow a single plant of potatoes, but to produce a variety of colors, such as purple, red, black, blue, etc. So it is often developed as a specialty food.

White potato

White potatoes are mainly divided into two types, one is a white round potato, and the other is a long white potato. The white round potato has a moderate starch content and is the most common potato on the market and can be eaten all year round. White long potato its starch content is very low, its use and the same as the white round potato, the use value is relatively high, is a common potato on the market.

Black potato

There are two main new varieties of black potatoes, namely black gold and black beauty potatoes. The skin and flesh of the black Jingang potato are black purple, and after cooking, it is a bright blue purple color like the crystal of Baolan stone; Its growth cycle is generally about 90 days, the definite content is low, but it contains rich purple anthocyanins. The skin of the black beauty potato is generally smooth, the color is black purple, the meat color is deep purple, the taste and flavor are strong, the growth cycle is about 90 days, and it belongs to the early maturing varieties.

Purple potato

It is a dicotyledonous plant of the order Solanaceae. The potato is oval in shape with small eyes. The skin is black and purple, black and shiny. The flesh is deep purple, the appearance is good, the color is attractive.

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Next, let’s learn how to choose the potato powder and crispy?

1. Shape

“Crisp” potatoes are usually round and roughly the same size. The shape is more irregular, the surface is easy to residual soil, and the general size difference of potatoes is “powder” potatoes.

2. Epidermis

The crisp potato skin is smooth and delicate, and the “pitting” on the skin is relatively small, and it looks very clean. Powder potato skin looks more rough, there will be a lot of “pitting”, there will be “skin”, so cooked potatoes will be more powdery waxy.

How do you pick good potatoes?

1. Looking at the shape

It is recommended to choose a uniform size, intact appearance, no worm eyes, uniform shape, hard texture.

2. Looking at the color

Choose a color that is earthy yellow for naturally growing potatoes. You can rub the skin, will not easily fall off the potato is fresh potatoes.

3. Looking at the grain

There is no damage to the appearance is only one thing, observing the grain of the potato can actually determine whether the potato is fresh. When choosing potatoes, it is necessary to see that the grain of the potato is even and the small points on the potato are more, which means that the growing environment of the potato will be better. Such potatoes not only show that they are ripe and grow better, but also taste much better naturally.

Finally, let’s understand what need to pay attention to eating potatoes?


Potatoes should be stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Too much light can turn potatoes green and produce toxic solanine.

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Cooking advice

Do not peel potatoes during cooking, as the skin is rich in nutrients and dietary fiber. But be sure to remove the skin before eating.

Control intake

Although potatoes are nutritious, excessive consumption can lead to weight gain due to their high starch content. Therefore, when eating should pay attention to the appropriate amount.

Special population

For diabetics, attention should be paid to controlling the intake of potatoes, because potatoes can raise blood sugar. In addition, people with renal insufficiency should limit their intake of potassium, so they should reduce the intake of high-potassium potatoes.

The above is about potatoes related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.