Mobile Legends: The Regions of the Land of Dawn

Top Up ML at U7BUY! The Land of Dawn is the main setting for the Mobile Legends heroes. Multiple in-universe battles have taken place on this island, and many more have occurred thanks to the many matches that your heroes have. The land has seen multiple wars throughout its many regions, but what are said regions?

In total, there are seven major regions in the Land of Dawn. Each region contains its own description, history, type of government, and leaders. Many of them are also easily identifiable through their unique climates and environments. Some of these include or range from the dark woodlands to the dry deserts.

The first region to take a look at is the Agelta Drylands. As the name suggests, this region is a desert land known for its harsh and dry climate. It takes part in the western area of the Land of Dawn with a great number of ancient labyrinths to explore and relics of the Emerald Road. It is said that many explorers like to travel here in search of said relics and potential adventures.

Next is the Azrya Woodlands, which is a region that is run by the Lunar Temple. Azrya translates to the “Land of Hope” in the Elvish language. As you can probably guess, this region is home to the Elves who live among the trees of the forests. Here, there are plenty of rivers, lakes, and wildlife to be found in this lush climate.

The Cadia Riverlands are somewhat separated from the rest of the regions as its own island, yet it is still a part of the Land of Dawn. It is ruled by The Great Dragon, where its people live according to the Cadia Riverlands’ philosophy. Every race that lives here is said to live at great peace under the dragon’s rule, hence why their symbol is of the yin and yang.

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The Northern Vale is the snowy region of the Land of Dawn. It is located in the northeastern part of the continent and is known for its incredibly harsh climate. The climate is so harsh in fact, that it is known to make the Northern Vale citizens more tough and resilient, especially under their leader, Aurora.

The Barren Lands however can prove to be the most dangerous region of them all. It is governed by The Abyss and the Necrokeep, which caused the land to become miserable to live in at all. The region used to be a beautiful place, but the new leaders had to ruin it. Now, the region is only known for the despair it carries.

Finally, the Vonetis Islands are home to the Dorik people in the Land of Dawn. It is truly an island paradise with its warm and pleasant climate year-round and overall peaceful towns. Thanks to the islands being home to the Dorik, it is rich in their culture as they perform their many customs. In Mobile Legends, there are many worlds to see. Buy now at great prices at U7BUY!